Designing custom icons for Open AI

May 28, 2024

OpenAI recently introduced its native ChatGPT app for macOS on May 13, 2024, during their Spring Update event. The new app is packed with features tailored for the Mac environment, including a handy Spotlight-like keyboard shortcut for instant queries and a voice mode for seamless voice interactions.

I couldn't wait to install the app and take it for a spin. Long story short — I absolutely love it!

The app features all the best aspects of native macOS apps: it's incredibly simple, retains a familiar chat-like UI, and offers a distraction-free experience. It's a joy to use. Plus, it's no secret that native macOS apps work better than Electron wrappers.

While I love the app and its sleek, flat black-and-white icon, I felt inspired to jump into Sketch (yes, Sketch! I miss it. Don't judge!) and design a few of my own icons.

My goal was to keep the color palette simple and monochrome to align with the new brand's visual language. (Amazing job, I assume, Seattle boy.)

I ended up creating five monochrome icons (four light-themed and one dark-themed) and one rainbow-colored icon, and I'm really happy with how they turned out.

You can check them all out below, and you can download a .zip file with all of them here.