What do you want to work on?

Dec 30, 2023

In my recent exploration for a new product designer role, I engaged with several recruiters, all of whom consistently posed a crucial question: "Which industry do you envision as the domain of your prospective employer?"

This question spurred contemplation. I grappled with the perceived expectation of providing a definitive industry preference, aligning with a presumed standard response. However, I've come to realize that this approach does not align with my perspective. Instead of confining my aspirations to a particular industry or niche, my focus gravitates towards the intrinsic attributes of the work environment.

I am drawn to opportunities across diverse industries, specialized niches, and various technological landscapes, provided that the team embodies a steadfast commitment to quality, collaboration, and a user-centric problem-solving approach. My objective is to contribute my skills and expertise, driven by a passion for creating exceptional technology within an outstanding team, while continually enriching my own professional acumen. I am not sure if this is a correct approach, or even if there is a correct approach. But this is how I see it.